Swedish Massage in jaipur

Swedish Massage in Jaipur

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Swedish massage did not originate in Sweden. In Europe, it's usually referred to as a classic massage, which was originally put together and created by Dutch practitioner John George Mezger.

It consists of specific strokes including efflurage (sliding movements), petrissage (kneading movements), friction (rubbing), vibration and percussion techniques. This massage will usually include passive and active joint movements, stretching and bending of the joints with the assistance of the therapist. Swedish massage is the most commonly offered massage technique, utilizing a firm or lighter pressure on the muscles. It will involve long yet gliding strokes. Swedish massage is mainly used to increase blood flow, easing tension in the body's muscles and improving their flexibility.

It is very stimulating to the skin, helping reduce emotional and physical stresses in the body. This is one of the main reasons this type of massage is paired amazingly with aromatherapy. This type of massage stimulates the nervous system as well. The body builds up different types of toxins including lactic acids, uric acid and other types of metabolic wastes that Swedish massage targets and with the increase of oxygen to the blood, is filtered out.